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Quality, colours and careful attention to details
bags and leather accessories since 1970

“Le vrai luxe ne se montre pas” (Real luxury doesn’t show itself off) ── When dazzling fashion is drifting in the waves, only low-profile styles keep standing on the shore, everlasting, always classic! 
Founder Wanny Di Filippo is one of the leading figures of “hipsters” in the 70’s. He pursues freedom, nature and simplicity in his style, which is deeply influenced by the “cultural revolution” in Italy,.
Wanny is fond of drawing and designing since a young age, He spent many summer days on the beach with friends, and that’s when he would suddenly start making leather accessories such as belt and wallet for friends as gifts, Later this hobby magically became the destiny of his life. One of his friends asked him, “you make such beautiful designs. Why not design some bags for my father’s factory?” That’s how Wanny drew the first bag design sketch in his life, although he wasn’t aware what a bag means at all, neither did he understand how it worked in the industry. Every time he showed his design sketch to the factory, the craftsmen said “this man is mad! How is it possible to turn this design into a bag? It’s inappropriate and too weird!” Of course Wanny wasn’t convinced at all. He decided to make his own pattern and turn his design into real bags. That’s how “Il Bisonte” was born in 1971, in a small basement on Via del Purgatorio, 69, Florence.
Between 1973 and 1974, Wanny created two signature bags of Il Bisonte—Caramella and The Maremmana. Theses bags of high fashion and high function are still produced today. Bison, a gentle animal, symbolizes the spirit of the brand. Wanny’s interpretation of its tender but strong character allows the brand to encourage people’s imagination. Wanny Di Filippo said “everyone should express their own style, not blindly follow the trend. Own something not to show off to others, but for your own taste. Most people are fond of the new and tired of the old. We should know that real luxurious items worth your collection of your lifetime, and it can be passed down to generations. Il Bisonte, the spirit of its design is the fusion and extension of ‘creativity and classic style’. Cowhide leather is like another layer of skin, symbolizing the brand’s spirit. Aesthetically, it focuses a lot more on practicality and functionality. Besides, I shouldn’t be telling people why they should collect and wear our products. We believe they do it because they like it, because it’s love at the first sight, just like what happens in our lives. Thus we say ‘just look at it, touch it and wear it!’ Then you’ll be able to feel the most fitting and matching sparks for you, and turn them into your personal style and taste.”